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Debbie Flett sexy babe
Check us out spoiling you with more arty shots of Debbie Flett.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Sexy Debbie Flett minus her ice skates – yeah she was in celebrity slush show Dancing On Ice.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett was also one of Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Cards Right girls...
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett also played a sexy barmaid in the Brit movie Doghouse.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett cunningly disguised as an Art Deco purple figurine.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Here's Debbie Flett like the day she was born, but with sexy bumps and full size girl stuff.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Check the heels out on Debbie Flett!
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett was a Mirror girl back in the day when the paper ran pics of models.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Hands up who thinks Debbie Flett is hot? Answers on an obsessive fan style letter telling Debbie you are watching her and have loved her from afar for years... exclusion order in the post.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett relaxes for the camera safe in the knowledge that we are bound by law to stay at least a mile from her and cannot call or speak to her since the incident with the marrow in Waitrose.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett was a Dolly Dealer for wrinkled lothario Bruce Forsyth. Now that's scary as the ex-Generation Game host has got form and been through quite a few Miss Worlds in his 80-odd years on the planet.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Yes Debbie Flett we are liking the black set of lingerie muchly.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Debbie Flett virtually topless. This gentlemen, is what we in the trade call the 'hand bra'. Use it, it'll make you sound like some pervy amateur snapper leering behind a crap fake camera... maybe not then.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe
    Those of you too young to remember Debbie Flett in her heyday pay homage to a true beauty now.
  • Debbie Flett sexy babe

    Moody black and white picture of Debbie Flett especially for our German friends and readers of Taschen 'art' books.

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Debbie Flett

Debbie Flett was one of the girls hired to massage cards and keep Brucie on his toes.

Debbie Flett glamour model sexy shots




We have no info at present, but we know she's British!
Vital Statistics:

Famous For:

Delectable Debbie Flett first appeared in the pages of UK tabloid The Mirror, though unlike it’s red-top rival, The Sun, there were no topless pictures featured. Debbie Flett also made fleeting appearances in the lad’s magazines most famously on the cover of a 1997 edition of UK Maxim magazine.

Likes to...
Debbie Flett
loves a bit TV work and was most recently seen in her skates performing in the 2006 run of ITVs Dancing on Ice which really does say what it does on the tin – well gay men and hot women careering around on ice to 'moving' music.

Star Achievement:
Debbie Flett’s big deal came when she bagged a Dolly Dealer role on UK TV game show, Play Your Cards Right. Hosted by quiz show all-rounder and Miss World Shagger, Bruce Forsyth, the show was a huge success and exposed Debbie Flett to a massive audience.

For those of you who don't know the show, Jo Public has to guess higher or lower on a deck of giant cards while hot girls stroke said cards suggestively. Debbie Flett was one of the girls hired to massage cards and keep Brucie on his toes.

Debbie Flett also appeared in the 2009 movie Doghouse where her role is described as ‘hot barmaid.’ The plot of the movie sees Brit actor and professional lad, Danny Dyer marooned with his mates in a village full of man hating, virus infected cannibal chicks... imagine a holiday in Wales and you've just about got it.