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Debbie O'Toole hot babe

Premature ejaculation caption moment: "Woah, slow down... don't... think... of... Debbie O'Toole... think ugly... think old ladies... mouldy leprous hump... dead skinned cats... dinner lady's vag... rancid old badger... ahh, Debbie O'Toole... O... O... F**k it! Hand wipe please..."

  • Debbie O'Toole hot babe

    Recovering Alcoholic's caption moment: "Look at the beautiful figure on the divine Miss Debbie O'Toole. Her legs remind one of... of... of... A PINT OF TW**ING STRONG F**KIN' LAGER THAT I'D DOWN IN ONE THEN GO ON A F**KIN' 24 HOUR SESSION AND DRINK THE F**KIN' TOWN DRY! FEEL LIKE A MILLION F**KIN' $$! ME AND YOU AGAINST THE WORLD! IN ONE! IN ONE! DRY... DRY... NEED MORE BOOZE! GOBI DESERT! F**K IT! LET'S GO OUT LIKE TOSH LYONS FROM THE BILL AND DRINK THE B*****D MOON! HA-HA!"

  • Debbie O'Toole hot babe

    Impending coma caption moment: "Debbie O'Toole, the to...p-p..................l-l-less........... mod.... (gurgle!)...." Cue permanent flat line noise with added nurses and a sense of panic.

  • Debbie O'Toole hot babe

    Useful caption moment: The O'Toole in Debbie O'Toole comes from the Gaelic O'Tuathal which translates as descendants of 'the lordly'. Thank you, that was an interesting pithy fact delivered slickly with a sexy lady.

  • Debbie O'Toole hot babe

    Metrosexual's caption moment: "Ooh, I do so love what you're wearing Debbie O'Toole. Must dash love, got to rush home to shave my scrotum and then talc my genitals and pinch it all between my bum cheeks so I can imagine I'm a real lady. Bye darling!"

  • Debbie O'Toole hot babe

    Tourettes caption moment: "N'hey... Debbie O'Toole... tool, tool? N'hey... cock, nob, balls... bollocks... dick shit... toss... home... quickly... n'hey... cum buckets! Over... siezure. Foetal position. Depression. Failure. Despair. F**k it more mashed banana."

  • Debbie O'Toole hot babe

    Sexist caption moment: "F**k me! I'd like to park the bike up the back o' that. I would absolutely smash the b*****d granny out of Debbie O'Toole all night. Oh, I'm tellin' you mate, I'd rag the ass off that then chuck it in the canal."

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Debbie O’Toole

Debbie O'Toole says she likes to buy anything that’s pink and has a penchant for shoes

Debbie O'Toole sexy glamour model shots






From: Liverpool
Vital statistics:

Famous for:
Debbie O'Toole is famous for winning a raft of glamour competitions like Miss Hawaiian Tropics, Miss Planet Beach England 2009 and Miss England Swimsuit 2009.

That's a hell of a lot of pageant modelling and telling lecherous old judges that she wants to travel the world and help wounded animals. Come to think we want to be a lecherous old judge!

Thank god Babe Mag has its own Beach Babe competition so we can lust over even more lovelies like Debbie O'Toole.

Likes to:
Debbie O'Toole says she likes to buy anything that’s pink and has a penchant for shoes. That’s odd. A girl liking shoes. Whatever next! Blonde bombshell, Debbie O'Toole, also likes to dance, presumably in all the shoes she loves so much.

Star achievement:
We think that Debbie O’Toole’s star achievement is her bum! The Gods have truly blessed her with an ass that should be deified! Don’t believe us? Check out our raunchier VIP shoot of Debbie O'Toole and see what we’re raving on about!